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The Charnel House Trilogy

I recently Played the Charnel House Trilogy. Its a really well done Horror Adventure game. It stars a young woman named Alex Davenport who’s just broken up with her boyfriend and older professor, named Harold Lang who both take a ride on a train that is not all that it seems. The best part of the game is without a doubt the writing, Most of the characters feel quite real which makes the parts were the supernatural horrors begin influencing them all the more creepy. It also makes the more obviously supernatural characters stand out. Further both of the main characters (particularly Alex) really make you care about them, so that once everything starts getting worst you are invested in what happens to them.

The overall voice acting is very good. Everyone sounds very natural and when they don’t theirs a very good reason. The closest thing to a criticism I’ll give is that Alex’s Voice actress doesn’t sound panicked enough in some of the later scenes, but then Alex is meant to be more calm under pressure then one would expect. Jim Stirling is also present and though he is very good the recognizably of his voice could be distracting to some.

I should note that the game is not for the faint of heart. It deals with themes of stalking and suicide. It also gets extremely intense in the final part. Personally I found this all to be to the games benefit but I could see why it wouldn’t be to everyone’s taste. Despite the fact that it has an old school adventure game feel both in content and graphics I found it to be one of the scariest games I’ve played.

The only real criticisms I have for the game is that the first part of the game can drag for a while. I think that this sequence does a great job of introducing Alex and sets the mood, but it is not as interesting as the other parts. The other major problem is that this game was clearly meant to have a sequel and that sequel sadly never materialized. However the game is still good for what it is.

The Charnel House Trilogy is currently available on steam for $1.62.