Sir Terry Prachett: a Eulogy

Today one of my all time favorite authors Terry Prachett ha died. I remember reading my first Discworld book, It was called The Last Hero and while reading it I was just amazed that any book could be at the same time so brilliant, dramatic and tragic but at the same time so funny. I tore through book after book because of this.

Sir Terry Prachett is still one of the only book writers were I can’t read his books in a library because they make me howl with laughter. At the same time his book were always great at capturing the essential humanity of his characters.

Sir Terry Prachett’s main characters were always fascinating because they were in many ways defined by a negative emotion or idea, but they channeled it towards something good. Sam Vimes was similer to Prachett himself in how he was defined by anger, but this was an anger towards injustice that he channeled towards justice. Granny Wetherwax was defined by her ego, however she uses this to get people exactly were they need to be.

When I think about it now, much of my beliefs and certainly much of my writing has been shaped by this single man’s stories. To me Prachett will always be one of the best not just of fantasy or of humor, but of all time in any genre. Goodbye Sir Terry Prachett. The universe will be a little colder and less magical without you.


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