The Damage Is Done

The Damage is Done is a intelligent examination of family hidden sadness and how our past can shape us while also being very funny and hopeful for the future. The play is a two person performance staring Rita Bozi who also co-wrote the play and Gabor Mate. The play is very meta in the way it unfolds. both characters are completely aware that they are in a play and addressing the audience. but as the story continues the play evolves as the two characters decide to take it in a different direction. it goes from being an attempt to deliver an essay to something more akin to a therapy. Rita begins talking more about how the history of her country formed who she is but as time goes on it begins to talk about how her relationship with her family has made her who she is. Since this is not a fictional story but, her actual family history it is very personal and the audience can’t help but be drawn in themselves. on the night I went to the show the audience was asked how they responded to the play and almost all of the audience members who talked spoke of how the play reminded them of their own experiences.

Rita Bozi is the stand out performer in this play. She plays herself and her performance is very energetic expressing the emotion she feels perfectly throughout the play, for both humorous and tragic effect. however even more impressive is how she takes on the roles of the important people in her life some of whom were men. Gabor Mate who serves as foil to all of her performances by remaining very stoic but also very empathetic.

One of the key themes of the play is that although our past does have a great effect on who we are it doesn’t mean that our lives are hopeless. The Damage is Done reflects on some very important issues in a very emotionally powerful way. Its run at the Yukon Arts Centre ends tonight but if you have any chance to catch it at any other point during its tour I highly recommend it.


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