MADD Haunted House 2013

The MADD Haunted house is always the highlight of the Halloween season and this one is no exception. Every year there is a theme to these haunted houses. On the first year I went it was ancient Egypt. This time however there were new elements to the genial formula that made the house even more interesting. For example in all the houses that I’ve gone to before the characters in the house stand perfectly still in there poses and move slightly every so often. This has worked extremely well in the past but the haunted house opted to do something else this year by having all of the characters move around and interact in various ways. This is a good idea for a number of reasons one of them being that it gives the audience more to look at and it gives them time to like the various characters which makes it seem more terrifying when things take a turn towards the spooky. as the play section begins there is a quite frankly beautiful rendition of “this is Halloween” by Danny Elfman. I am going to avoid speaking all that much further about every element of the show although I will say that I was grinning the whole way through and the climax is appropriately scary.

The videos that are put on before haunted house are all very good doing a great sending up an earlier era of film. Most of these silent films do a good job of highlighting the silliness often involved in the genre, but there are a couple that are actually very haunting and disturbing particularly an adaptation of a “a Picture of Dorian Grey and Swinging into madness. Both show something that is often forgotten which is how creepy some silent films could be when they tried.

But none of the things I have discussed are nearly as important as the house itself which I am happy to say was as scary as ever. this time instead of being separate variations on the houses theme the rooms are tied together by an overarching story involving grief, madness, and the consequences of meddling in that which we do not understand. Although all of these houses have scared me I don’t think I’ve ever screamed this much in any of them, and I think the sense of urgency the story brings is part of the reason for this. The other reason is the character of the ghost. How the vindictive spirit go’s about hunting down the inhabitants of the house many of which are her family is very chilling and the actress who plays her is absolutely terrifying in the role.

Overall the MADD haunted house is a fun terrifying ride that captures the feeling of Halloween perfectly. If you want to celebrate the freighting and the ghastly than I highly recommend that you let this be the haunted house you go to.


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