The Amazing Spider-Man

Today was big screen movie night at the college. The movie was the amazing spider-man. I really liked it. first a little background. When i first heard about this movie i was mostly nutral. i wasn’t entirely happy with the fact that the Sam Rami films were ending but I had found spider-man 3 to be infer to the prevus two and i kind of felt that while they got certain elements of spider-man right they missed a lot of really important things like his sense of humor or his web shooters. Later when I heard this movie would have these i was exited. so i am slightly biased in the films favor. i ended up really liking this film.. I felt that the death of uncle Ben should have been givin more attention since it was absolutely pivotal in the comics. i felt that aunt may wasn’t quite as good a character in this version as she was in the others, along she’s still we written just not as well writen. It also lacks the presence of J Jonah Jameson but considering how great the previous one was I’m glad they didn’t try to replace him
now for the rest. i liked that the actor for peter genuinely comes off as an awkward teenager. Another thing that i thought they did well was have him already have photography as a hobby thus making his future career more believable. he does have spider-mans traditional sense of humor but he’s also somewhat awkward sometimes stuttering when he makes his jokes which I think is very realistic and makes him believable. This Spider-,an is great he goes through a very gradual character arc from normal teenager to vigilante to finally becoming a hero.
this film also has a fantastic supporting cast. They use Gwen Stacy instead of Mary Jane but while Mary Jane was in many ways turned into Gwen Stacy with red hair and an acting career this version of Gwen Stacy has certain traits of Mary Jane, primarily in her feistiness. And she’s awesome. For Example and this is a minor spoiler by the way. There’s a scene were the lizard is attacking spider-man and she ends up distracting him by hitting him with a chair so he looks away from spider-man. This is actually the first adaptation I’ve seen that really got the character of Flash Thompson. In most versions he’s just a bully and nothing else which to be fair is how he started in the comics until gradually growing into a better person. They actually cover this in the movie with him becoming much more pleasant after uncle bens death and giving a line that implies he’s trying to work out serious frustrations. I liked the lizard although i did feel he was a weaker villain than doctor octopus who he is similar to in this film. Still this is an orgin story its usually the second movie the really cool villain comes in. This is a skillful intelligent character driven version of spider-man. Fully recommended


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