MAD haunted house

I went to the MAD haunted house today and it was awesome. First, here are my opinions of the previous two haunted houses. The first one, “Egypt Gone”, was the one that got me into this. obviously and it was quite cool it focused a lot more on gore than the next two and while certainly shocking and very scary this meant that it left less of an impression.
The second, “Toyland”, is still probably my favorite overall. It had a dark psychological type of horror throughout. This left a huge impression on me. I was especially impressed because the people making this house were quite young and this type of horror usually doesn’t work unless it’s being done by mature adults but it worked really well. The mad kids were obviously skilled way beyond their age at creating horror. Of course this was something that was probably more scary to someone my age than to kids.
Now we come to this year. As always the opening dance was a lot of fun. Then came the videos and they were all quite funny especially one them that represented the slender man as a friendly, lonely individual.
When we finally came to the tour itself I found that this was probably the house that got the most dramatic reaction out of me. One element that was very well done was the tour guides. They start out calm and trying to stay in control of the situation and end up in an absolute panic. It was a very mature well done element. There was also, shockingly enough, a World War II exhibit that showed the effects of mustard gas. The goddess exhibit was, without a doubt, the most frightening. I screamed throughout the whole thing. This was when I learned that out a group consisting of my little sister, three 12 year old girls, and myself I have the girliest scream.


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