Little One

So uh… I went to see little one. And when I went I knew what I was in for to an extent. I mean it’s a play about a brother who finds it hard to love his adopted sister because her childhood trauma has made her a possible sociopath. I especially knew that coming from the actual perspective of an older brother this was going to be an emotional play to watch. Despite this from the moment I heard the play described I thought that it was going to be the best play of the second half of the theatre season. i was wrong…it was possibly the best play I’ve seen in any theatre season bar none. I have not been this affected by any play since the first i ever saw studies in motion. One thing that was very well done was there choice of venue. The old fire hall is the smallest theatre in white horse and that gives the play a certain intimacy that it wouldn’t have otherwise. This intimacy was fully taken advantage of. i was completely terrified throughout the play and yet drawn in. it also has its length going for it. The play is only one hour long which is great because it’s just the right amount of time to grab your soul and crush it into a fine powder. it also removes the need for an intermission. an intermission would have ruined the play because it would have given the audience time to recover. Joe Cobden plays the older brother Aaron and he does a fantastic job making his character seem natural and is able to switch between being an adult telling his story and being a child afraid of his sister. Michelle Monteith gives a hauntingly terrifying performance as Clare and will be in my nightmares for a very long time. alriegt I’ve rambled long enough now this play is definitely not for the faint of heart but if you like psychological horror or are just looking for something different this is the play for you. i cannot recommend this play enough. if you can only see one play in the entire year let it be this one. Tickets are available at the Yukon Arts center and the play will go on for two more days.


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