I just saw the play justice tonight. In a word…wow. This play is a beautiful effective work of theater. It tells the story of a misunderstanding that leads to death. it is based off actual history. One of the things i loved about this play was that it did not cast anyone as a definite villain. I was expecting that someone would be demonized as sadly so often the case in historical fiction. However everyone in the play was a person genuinely trying to do the right thing. It is the only modern play to use the soliloquy which I love. All the characters are real and well written, i particularly loved the elder of the two minors. It is also extremely well acted. it is one of the most emotionally effecting plays I’ve seen which you can probly tell from this stream of consciousness . it will be here for one more night at the Yukon arts center. I strongly recommend you buy a ticket. You won’t be disappointed.


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