I just got back from watching Blackbird at the available lights film festival. it was amazing. I’m not going to do as long a review as I often do since most of my reviews are to get people to see a play that is only showing for a limited time while film can be seen at any time. it is a film about a teenage boy who is accused of planning a school shooting after making a reckless but toothless threat on the internet. The acting is phenomenal all around. Especially because it has a realistic quality were none of the actors feel like they’re acting they all seem to be real human beings you could imagine knowing. Particular stand out performances go to the main character, the female lead, and the lead thug in the juvenile hall. Its greatest strength is how it forces the audience to think about our society and treatment of our young offenders and accused without ever coming off as too preachy. I highly recommend you seek this one out.


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